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Lake Lanier water level as of 12/06/2017 is 1065.43 feet which is 5.57 feet below the full pool level of 1071.00

Clarks Bridge Park Lake Lanier

Clarks Bridge Park is located at the north end of Lake Lanier on the Chatahoochee River. Take exit 24 Hwy 129/ Hwy 369 west towards Lake Lanier; take a right on US 129/Limestone Pkwy; take a right on Clarks Bridge Road and follow until you reach the park. The park offers many amenities including a beach. A listing of what the park has to offer as well as pictures and information are listed below. Clarks Bridge Park is a Hall County park. Call 770-535-8280 for more information.

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Clarks Bridge Park Beach

clarks bridge park beach

Clarks Bridge Park Boat Ramps

clarks bridge park boat ramps

Clarks Bridge Park Boat Dock

clarks bridge park boat dock

Clarks Bridge Park Boat Trailer Parking

clarks bridge park boat trailer parking

Clarks Bridge Park Restrooms

clarks bridge park restrooms

Clarks Bridge Park Picnic Area

clarks bridge park picnic area

Clarks Bridge Park Picnic Area

clarks bridge park picnic area two

Clarks Bridge Park Olympic Rowing Venue

clarks bridge park olympic rowing venue